When you travel, your hands can get dirty in some situations and soap and water are not available to keep your hands clean. Fortunately, hand sanitizers are everywhere and designed to kill germs and make your hands clean and sanitized in just a few drops. If you are on the market for these products for your home or for your trips, this guide will help you choose the right kind and brand of hand sanitizers.

Different Kinds of Sanitizers

There are two different categories of hand sanitizers based on the formula of the active ingredient:

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers. These sanitizers are composed of around 60% to 90% of alcohol accessible in propanol, ethanol, and isopropanol form. These products can counterbalance the microbes and can be applied as a medical disinfectant.  An ÖVO Labs sanitizing gel belongs to this category. It can be bought in an array of containers from 100ml to 4L.
  • Alcohol-free sanitizers. These sanitizers include antiseptics such as antimicrobial agents or benzalkonium chloride. They can effectively destroy microorganisms and contain some balsam that makes the skin soft and smell great. 

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Hand Sanitizers?

Make sure to consider the following tips to ensure you buy the right-hand sanitizers for you:

  • Pick a sanitizer that suits your skin type. There are various kinds of sanitizers on the market and some of them may not make your skin happy. The right sanitizer is mild on your skin and will not cause skin inflammation. If you have sensitive skin must check ingredients properly before you buy. 
  • Ensure the product is safe to use. While the majority of sanitizers are formulated from high-quality ingredients, some might have damaging substances that can cause more harm than good. Keep yourself informed before you make your decision. 
  • Consider the product format. There are different formats available for hand sanitizers including foam, gel, and liquid. Although the choice is mainly personal, you will want to note that foam products are more expensive than other forms. Hand sanitizer gels can be better than liquids because they do not spill or leak as easily. Also, gels are quite affordable and easy to apply between fingers and on fingernails. 
  • Think about your preferred fragrance. A lot of hand sanitizers have a pleasant fragrance, but it is often best to avoid them. These products may cause irritations to some skin types and don’t have a non-essential ingredient. Most good hand sanitizers are odorless.


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