The workout session or sports that cause soreness of muscles need to be taken care of. The pain usually occurs after 72 hours of injury that ideally increases with routine intensity. Note that the muscle damage is not the result of an inappropriate warmup or putting so much force. Ignoring the muscle injury can lead to permanent damage.

How your muscles can heal?

Many of you ignore taking the appointment with the doctors until the pain becomes worse. Muscle pain not always means broken bones. Due to the muscle stretched or overworked, the muscles can tear up. When the fibers can’t go back to original form, it will become weaker. This affects the future of athletes’ performance as they will lose flexibility, range of motion, and flexibility.

A physical therapist for your muscle injury

In physical therapy, rice, ice, compression, and elevation is a helpful method to treat the sprains and injuries. It clearly means there is a need for medical attention. The pain gets worsen if you don’t work on it immediately. Putting stress on the pain can further lead to inflammation and in rare cases to tendonitis.

Physical therapy offered by RPM physical therapy services include –

  • Therapeutic exercise for strengthening surrounding muscles.
  • Mobilization of soft tissue.
  • Using ice or heat for controlling pain and swelling.

Physical therapy is a way to get recover from the injury such as range of motion and fiber regeneration. Contact the team to book an appointment and this can be done by calling them or visit We are happy to help you in treating muscle pain without compromising with your health.


Robert Desauza