An itching sensation is also known as formication which the peoples feel that the insects are crawling on their skin. But there are no insects on their skin it is one of the hallucinations among the people. They are scratch or dig at their skin to remove the insects often resulting in scabbing, scarring, and infection. It is known as meth mites.

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of The Meth Mites?

  • It will affect the physical and mental health of a person in many ways. Meth bugs will affect the function of the organs like the brain, kidney, and heart. 
  • It also affects the musculature that will change the physical appearance of the person like teeth and skin. 
  • Most of the peoples will have meth sores on their skin of the face and arms.

What Are The Contributing Factors Of The Meth Mites In Your Body?

There are three contributing factors to the meth sores in your body. They are given by,

  1. Formication: It is the official term for the sensation of insects that are underneath the skin. 
  2. Breaking out: It can cause acne in your face. 
  3. Inability to heal: Once the meth sores develop your body will struggle to heal the wounds due to the lack of blood flows and weak immune system. 

What Is The Meth Bug’s Experience?

  • Feeling: This sensation will cause the addicts to physically scratch and pick at the skin to remove the imaginary bugs from the skin.
  • Hallucinations: The prolonged meth sores will cause the addicts to feel, believe and see that the actual bugs are crawling inside the skin which is resulting in scratching and picking the bugs on the skin.
  • Danger zone: The infections from the meth bugs are lead to serious health issues.

If you are experiencing a feeling of meth bugs on your skin don’t panic and don’t get delay you can get advice from health specialists for a speedy recovery.


Frances J. Kuntz