Laser corresponds to the acronym in English that means “magnification of light by stimulated emission of radiation”. For this reason, the laser is a technology that concentrates the rays of light, through different wavelengths that are concentrated in a single point. In addition, laser eye surgery allows treatment in many patients who have visual pathologies depending on their diagnosis and the indication of their ophthalmologist at

Kraff eye surgery center is one of the most important laser eye surgery clinics in the world and the most advanced since they have accessed the highest technological advances correcting the refractive errors of their patients. In addition to this, they stand out for the long years of experience in their high-quality processes, under scientific control, providing safe, effective, and long-lasting results to our patients.

Taking into account our services such as Lasik surgery and the boom that laser surgery has today, we give you the reasons why it is good to choose this type of technology to correct refractive defects.

  • Easy Recovery

The laser eye operation allows to carry out a treatment without risk of infection, without pain, and the need for hospitalization. This is why today many eye surgery procedures are performed on an outpatient basis.

  • Advanced Systems

By using advanced techniques for both accessing microscopic fields and laser focusing systems, the ophthalmologist has methods with a degree of precision and control that other types of techniques do not offer. Besides, such precision generates a risk reduction and a cost reduction. Aspects that allow treating a greater number of patients generating excellent results.

  • Different Techniques for Lasik 

Laser technology encompasses different surgical procedures aimed at correcting refractive errors. Additionally, ophthalmologists at use various types of lasers for the treatment of different eye disorders with equipment that stands out for its effectiveness and quality.

Final Words

It should be clarified that to access this type of surgery, it is necessary to consult the ophthalmological center since not all patients with refractive errors can be operated on by Lasik, everything will depend on a diagnosis and its respective results. 



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