As they get ready for their pregnancy journey, couples must make it a point to take care and nourish their bodies. Couples who take the time to nurture their body, spirit, and mind produce healthier ovum and sperm and an optimal environment for their child. With a very relaxing fertility treatment and massage, a couple’s path into conscious conception may be aided by getting fertility knowledge, fertility massage practices, and self-care strategies.

What is Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage is a one-of-a-kind massage program designed to boost fertility and improve the chances of pregnancy. Many fertility clinics will also teach you various self-care practices during your first appointment so that you may develop a fertility self-care routine to improve your fertility and health.

Benefits of Fertility Massage

  • Aligns and loosens the pelvis, hips, and low back
  • Supports digestive system cleaning and improved circulation.
  • Increases circulation to the reproductive organs and breaks up adhesions.
  • Increases energy flow to hormonal glands and reproductive regions by stimulating them.
  • Provides profound relaxation and stress alleviation.
  • Increases chi all through the reproductive region and opens your conception channel.
  • For regular sessions, learn self-care skills.

Who Should Receive Fertility Massage?

Fertility massage is for men and women alike trying to conceive or prepping their bodies to conceive. Both assisted reproductive technologies and this research support natural fertility conception.

If you are going through a fertility treatment, you might be hesitant to spend money on stuff that doesn’t directly involve sperm and eggs but have a massage now and again. Relaxation is helpful to your mind, soul, and body.

Fertility Massage Support

Fertility massage aims to reduce stress while increasing blood flow to your reproductive system. It’s included in both our male and female fertility guidelines, whether you’re trying naturally or using a variety of therapies, including IVF, egg freezing, or others. This massage includes deep abdominal massage, cranial decompressions, foot reflexology, and toxin removal. Fertility experts work on your body and pelvic region’s structural alignment. These procedures are used to help decrease adhesions and increase blood circulation.

Try dragging your garden hose across the yard to water the garden. If the hose gets kinked, the powerful water stream is lessened. If the kink is left, the water supply is restricted, and the garden will not receive enough liquid to thrive. Think about what happens to your internal organs when your left hip is higher than your right: reduced blood flow, “compression,” and the onset of dysfunction and adhesions.

Complimenting Medical Treatments

Reproductive massage isn’t meant to replace medical treatments; it may be used alone or in conjunction with medical fertility therapies.

Improve Blood Circulation

Your brain and other organs get oxygen via blood circulation. Everything from cell development to the appearance of your skin benefits from good blood circulation. Massage therapy—specifically, Swedish massage—helps boost healthy blood flow in those recuperating from strenuous physical activity and those who have not exercised at all, according to a 2014 research. The therapeutic benefits were also not confined to the massaged location, but that total blood circulation increased after participants had massage treatment.

Impact Hormone Production

We all know that massages are meant to feel fantastic, but did you realize there is a scientific reason why you feel so calm and hopeful after your massage? Studies have shown massage treatment to be an effective technique for lowering cortisol levels generated by the adrenal glands. Cortisol is important for regulating your blood pressure and sleep cycles, but too much of it may contribute to weight gain, headaches, tension, and worry.

Massage treatment has also been shown to enhance serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. That helps boost your memory, focus, and motivation while also stabilizing your mood. Massage therapy may assist promote attention and lessen the effects of stress, anxiety, and sadness because of its combined effects on cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin.

Frances J. Kuntz