Whichever top-rated model and actress you see, they all have sharp jaws but it’s not always possible to achieve it. Some people are unable to get a sharp jawline due to chubby faces while some have saggy skin. However, Botox is the quickest answer to jaw reduction and a sharp jawline. With this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about Botox, so are you ready to dive in?

Botox – What Is It?

To be honest, Botox is the most effective treatment for reducing the asymmetric and/or prominent jawline that occurs with enlarged muscles. These muscles are used for clenching the teeth and chewing (they are all along with the posterior jaw). The muscles tend to enlarge even more when people clench their teeth during sleep. It can reduce muscle size, hence a smoothened and sharp facial contour.

Botox Treatment – The Process

For the most part, Botox is one of the most common ways of reducing muscle size and it can be utilized for calf muscles as well as enlarged jaw muscles (yep, it’s for contouring). Botox tends to block nerve signals to the muscles which reduce the chances of contraction. With the prevention of contractions, the muscles will stop growing and start atrophy, hence a reduction in the prominence.

Before the Botox treatment, the target area is properly cleaned and is marked around for the application of injection. Generally, fifteen to fifty Botox units are injected on every side of the face (masseter muscle, in particular). It doesn’t have any major influence on chewing or biting. However, it is essential to note down that Botox treats only the overactive masseter muscles.

That being said, it will not improve the squared jawline since it’s all about your bone structure. The process of jaw reduction is focused on reducing the asymmetric, prominent, and disproportionate jawlines. With this treatment, the masseter muscles are weakened with the Botox treatment and injects.

What To Expect From Botox?

Jaw reduction is a major concern among people who have saggy skin and chubbiness. As far as expectations are concerned, Botox is popular for reducing muscle size by injecting the units. In addition, it smoothens facial contouring and reduces the protruding facial muscles. Before this treatment, you cannot consume alcohol for at least 24 hours.

In addition, the users cannot use the blood-thinning medications but the dermatologists might provide the antiviral medication. If there are blemishes, rash, and a cold sore, the right solution is to delay the Botox treatment. However, during the treatment, the skin is cleansed and the Botox units are injected. The dermatologists also apply pressure to distribute the units properly and evenly.

Once the treatment is complete, there will be temporary bruising, soreness, and redness. The users must not manipulate the treated area and there must be no hardcore exercises for at least six hours. As far as the effectiveness is concerned, you might have to wait for four to seven days to see the results but you can resume your daily activities within a day.

Botox treatment for jaw reduction is temporary and you might have to receive various treatments to see the results. Generally, people experience improvement within four to six weeks. Also, there is a need for maintenance treatment after eight to nine months. Not to forget, some people also get hoarse voices and weakened muscles after the treatment but it’s pretty common and will go away in a day.

To summarize, it’s a great way of achieving the sharp jawline and reduce the appearance of enlarged muscles on the face. However, always have a consultation session with a professional dermatologist before you sign up for the treatment!

Robert Desauza