Sometimes also referred to as pink cookies, wedding cake seed is a result of thoughtfully engineered genetic that offers a stable high and vivid taste. Wedding cake strains have become popular in recent decades because of their universal effects, making them the best option for both recreational and medical purposes.

If you are an avid marijuana grower who is looking forward to getting started with the first batch of Wedding cake seeds, then you have come to the right place.

This blog will share a few growing tips:

1- Wedding cake strain is a durable and short strain that can be grown in various environments. During the harvesting time, you can come across sturdy, dense buds. In fact, one can feel the weight of the buds when placed on the palms. Also, the green hue of the wedding cake develops into a purple shade.

2- When it comes to nutrition, growing, and feeding the wedding cake seed strain, you don’t have to follow anything new. But, there are a few seasoned cultivators who use the advanced growing method like Sea of Green.

3- You can easily sow four or more seeds in a single square meter and wheedle the separated bud during the developing stage. This way, you can shorten the vegetative stage without compromising the yielding quantity.

4- It is better to keep an eye on the growing stage. If possible, opt for pruning to prevent the mildew and mold growth between the wedding cake’s thicker and dense leaves. Also, don’t forget to employ a proper ventilation system to improve the air circulation around the plant.

Over to you

Wedding cake strain is quite an impressive strain because of the intensive high it offers, meaning growing it can be beneficial in many ways.

So, follow the tips mentioned here to maximize the yielding.


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