You are not alone in considering whether your teeth are photogenic. Millions of people have this issue. Teeth are the part of the body that cannot be hidden and will be displayed one or the other way to the world. Hence, keeping them white and shiny becomes mandatory.

Do you wish to have shiny and white teeth? If yes, then you should just consider the name Euro White. They are the best-known dental service in the UK and are quite famous for their UK teeth whitening services. Visit their webpage or the clinic to learn everything about their offers.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

When you look at the commercials, you will notice that there are hundreds of toothpaste brands that can guarantee white and shiny teeth. The teeth whitening toothpaste works differently when compared to the whitening strips.

Toothpaste whiteners are ideal for extrinsic stains because they just take care of the chemicals that can cause staining on the teeth layer. They cannot penetrate the tooth and remove the intrinsic stains. However, brushing twice a day with the teeth whitening toothpaste can stick onto the enamel layer and can successfully reduce the chances of teeth yellowing in the future.

Teeth Whiteners

The teeth whitening strips are manufactured with peroxide gel to bring out the whiteness of the enamel layer on the teeth. The whitening steps of the strips are available from moderate to dramatic whitening based on your requirement. However, some do not feel comfortable with the teeth whiteners on their teeth, because of the flavour that they leave behind in their mouth.

The invisible Crest teeth whitening strips are introduced with the idea of helping people who prefer bright and shiny teeth within a day, and especially when they have to get on with their normal routine. These strips will not cause any difficulties while speaking or even while laughing openly, as they are invisible.

Feeling a sense of insensitivity is common in people who use teeth brightening strips because it will expose the enamel layer, which was otherwise hidden beneath the microbes, and other such stains. Hence, you might feel sensitivity for some time, till the peroxide that has penetrated the enamel layer is completely done with its work.

How Teeth Whitening Works

When you apply the Crest whitening strips onto your teeth, you can just sit back, relax and let the strips do their work. How teeth whitening works?

  • The hydrogen peroxide chemical that is present in the strips will be first released onto the enamel layer.
  • The peroxide will then release oxygen, which starts its work against the stain-causing supplements on the teeth.

This is just like the bleaching effect but in an advanced way. The oxygen gas that is released from the Crest 3D white strips will work on the complete removal of the stains and microbes that are found lying on the enamel layer. The peroxide that is released from the strips will stay for some more time on your teeth so that it can do its job for a few more days.

Both the teeth whitening toothpaste and strips are the best choice for brightening the tooth. Go through their benefits and choose wisely.

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