The different types of medications

The Best natural testosterone supplements are available in the following different types of medications and are used accordingly as per the convenience: –

  • Skin patches applied over the skin and other recommended upper body parts
  • Injections that are injected at regular intervals of the entire therapeutic course
  • Implants that are inserted in the suitable locations for desirable time to aid in the targeted release of the hormone inside of the body
  • Gels that are applied at the suitable locations and hence gets absorbed by the skin very easily. This is the most popular method followed these days.
  • Used as mouth sticks used over the gums

About androgel 5g and its usage

Androgel 5gis composed of 1 percent i.e. 50 mg/ 5 g of testosterone as the basic composition of the gel. It is used mainly in the hormone replacement therapy for the males who are not able to produce enough of the testosterone and hence have problems in the proper functioning of their reproductive system. This is applied over the skin such that the hormone gets absorbed through the same easily and gets dispersed to the targeted locations. It must be used in the following manners: –

  • Must be used only after getting a recommendation from a qualified physician or doctor in the same field
  • Following all of the directions mentioned over the prescription label properly to avoid any form of side effects
  • Using in only the specified form and dosage i.e. neither more nor less
  • Applying ideally over the shoulders and upper arms and washing the hands immediately after application with soap and water
  • Must not apply the gel over penis or scrotum and must be applied only when the skin is dry

Some fair warnings!

Though androgel 5gseems like the ideal treatment for hormonal imbalance, its misuse or improper use might prove to be dangerous. Hence one must keep in mind the following warnings while using this gel: –

  • Do not share your gel with another person at any cost to avoid any form of infection.
  • In case of any side effects like itching, drowsiness etc. consult the doctors first and never ever discontinue the dosage at once.
  • In case of missing any dose, skip that dose and move towards the next one, rather than using an excessive amount to compensate for the missed dose.
  • Avoid keeping the gel near any flame as it is very inflammable in nature.

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