Are you a musician worried about noise-induced hearing loss? Do you have minor hearing issues? Are you looking for musician earplugs and customized in-ear monitors? You need to see an audiologist! In Quebec, clinics like Audiologie Centre-Ouest have been offering a wide range of protective devices, products, for musicians, and they have audiologists, who can test your hearing capabilities. If you are seeing an audiologist for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed, but here is more on what to expect. 

The initial discussion

The first meeting with an audiologist is about discussing your medical history, why you considered taking an appointment, and if you have concerns related to hearing. Also, the audiologist will identify if your work keeps you at a risk of suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. 

Tests and examination 

Audiologist will do a complete examination of your ears, using a device called otoscope. They will try and find if there is any issue within the ear and if the deposit of excessive earwax inside the canal is impacting your ability to hear. For most musicians and people who are exposed to high sounds on a regular basis, the audiologist will recommend a series of simple tests, which is done at the clinic and in a special booth. You will be exposed to a wide range of sounds, noises and tones, to check if you can hear them clearly. Your audiologist may also to repeat a few sentences, to know on how you hear them. 

Discussing options

Once all the hearing tests are done and the audiologist has a fair idea of what to suggest in terms of solutions and protective aids, they will make recommendations. For musicians and people who need to work in environment with high noise levels, solutions include in-ear monitors, musician earplugs, and electronic earplugs. Many of these products can be customized as needed, and that can be a good advantage in the long run for those who need specific ear protection. Audiologists can help in knowing what kind of hearing protective aids can work best for your needs, and they can also guide with products that are currently among the best. 

Seeing an audiologist may not seem like a must, but is definitely important in the long run. Don’t shy away from seeing an appointment, so that you don’t end up with hearing loss unexpectedly, as most concerns can prevented from becoming a source of further problems. 

Susana N. Tolbert

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