While the Covid-19 is creating a chaos around the world what is going unnoticed is how the crisis is boosting innovation with the emergence of brand new ideas. The pandemic has given an opportunity for innovation to stay at the cutting edge. The existing ideas are being used in surprising new ways and has caused an acceleration in adoption of technologies. In the words of Israel Figa this is pushing the world into the future at a breakneck speed. Businesses are being forced to adapt to the new normal and this has caused a number of innovations and given birth to interesting new business ideas and virtual ventures. 


Israel Figa notes that this upsurge in innovation will bring lasting change for good and for bad. 


Drone Technology Takes Over 

While the Drone technology has been there for a while it is only now during the pandemic it’s considerable potential is being realized. Now that social distancing is the new practice, health systems around the globe are looking at drones as an innovative means to supply products such as vaccines, blood and cancer treatments. Every hospital system and health system in the world is rapidly trying to reconfigure itself to a new reality, i.e. to spread the reach of the hospital system straight into the homes in order to enable care closer to where patients are.

The drones have made it possible for countries to receive medical supplies in a more productive, efficient and effective way. Hospital systems that thought that it would take decades to give effect to this kind of change have now tried to this over a span of just one year. 

How Crisis Opens Doors for Innovation 

Israel Figa notes This kind of rapid adoption of emerging technologies has given birth to the concept of tech-celeration. It is the form of innovation that has been given the greatest boost around the world by the pandemic. An example of this Israel Figa explains is what happened in the National Health Service in England where a system to make video-calling possible was effectively built over a weekend and then rolled out to doctors across the country. 


Tech-celeration is pushing countries further and faster into the future. Exactly how many years into the future the world has been pushed by the crisis varies and depends on a number of factors. It depends on the behaviors and it varies from country to country but it can be calculated to have pushed the world five year ahead into the future.


Innovation in Restaurants 

In most industries the Pandemic has boosted innovation by compelling companies to adopt new ways of doing things, purely as a matter of survival. One of these industries that has innovated for necessity is the Restaurant industry. Innovation in this sector has led to virtual restaurants, cloud kitchens and much more. Moreover, the meal-delivery industry has seen a rapid growth which has also resulted in a greater job market is that department.  


Lockdowns across countries forced restaurateurs to put more than half of their staff on furlough. When restaurants are not able to generate business then how are they going to make money, thus no income meant no revenue. This is especially true for fine dining restaurants that have no concept of takeaway, but necessity forced fine-dining places too to adopt to this idea of home deliveries. Instead of expending funds on overheads and restaurant renovations these restaurants are now utilizing resources on introducing fancy packaging and innovative ideas. 


Parting Thoughts 

According to Israel Figa it is no secret that innovation often strives during times of crisis because crisis brings with it never-seen-before and never-experienced-before situations. Unprecedented situations and circumstances call for new methods to tackle with the issue and this is where innovation jumps in. The situation with Covid-19 pandemic is the same, it was and is the need of the hour that is pushing countries and people across the globe to innovate in order to survive. 





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