There is an enormous percentage of obese individuals in the USA. An upsetting consequence of obesity research is the finding of many similarities between drug and food addiction.

However, connecting both addictions has intensified the medical community’s knowledge of addiction as a complicated disorder, no matter what substance is being used.

Food Addiction vs. Drug Addiction

Some individuals habit eating junk and unhealthy foods in large quantities. It can be as harder for somebody who overeats daily to stop as it’s for a person taking nicotine to quit cold turkey. Our emotions can deeply impact our food consumption quantity. Our brain gives a constant signal to eat while we are not starving. Likewise, while somebody faces difficulty with drug abuse, their brain starts to crave to a greater extent.

Tolerance is one of the traits of any kind of obsession. As the reward system of the brain is recurrently overflowed with dopamine, it reacts by lessening the number of receptors as a defensive mechanism. Like drugs, those struggling with food addiction often overeat to feel the same dopamine rush.

Common food addiction signs:

  1. Eating a craved food item and usually eating much more than desired.
  2. Often striving to quit certain food items but failed to do so.
  3. Recurrent cravings for certain foods, regardless of feeling satiated or having just eaten a nutrient-based food.
  4. Hiding the intake of junk foods from others.
  5. Not able to control the intake of junk foods, in spite of being aware of the consequences.

Common drug addiction signs:

  1. Extreme lethargy
  2. Variations in weight
  3. Spots on the skin
  4. Tremors
  5. Recurrent runny nose
  6. Watery eyes
  7. Tightening of the jaw

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Both Addictions Can Be Cured

Food addiction and drug addiction are not easy to give up. A person often strives to stop taking drugs or eating junk food but is unable to do so, which is very common. Both these are serious addictions that can severely impact your daily life. The good news is that both food and drug addictions can be cured. Individuals can access a good number of food addiction recovery centers intending to treat their food addiction problems.

If you or anyone in your family is having any kind of addiction, then seek professional assistance without delay. To know how to overcome food addiction, visit a qualified doctor in your area.

Robert Desauza