Procrastination has become a fashionable word for a lot of people these days. They like to brag about their procrastinating nature and wouldn’t shy away from using the word in their Facebook and WhatsApp statuses either. While you might not see any short-term harm in delaying things, Ido Fishman believes that keeping things lingered in terms of working out can prove to be detrimental to your health. There is no reason to brag about not going to the gym today or spending an entire day working. 

In cities, people even like to boast the fact that they couldn’t get their full night sleep. If all of this is going on and people don’t seem to be bothered, it is the time to pay attention to having a healthy lifestyle. Ido Fishman says that you should decide right now and at this very moment that you will start working out. Here’s why.

If Not Now then Never

You must have heard this saying and there couldn’t be one truer than this one. If you are thinking about doing something, don’t say that you will do it tomorrow because you will end up never doing it. Create a list of things that you wanted to do in the past few years and see how many you have completed by now. You will surely find a lot of those things were never done. In fact, you might have forgotten about most of them. Whether it is about saving money, losing weight, or buying a new car, you can’t really achieve anything unless you take action right now. 

Ido Fishman says that to lose weight, you have to be a little harsh with yourself. Being harsh means that you have to push yourself to exercise and work out right now. If you can’t decide the next step, just sign up with Ido Fishman’s bodybuilding, toning, or weight loss program right now and prepare for transformation. 

Tomorrow Is Lazier than Today

While Ido Fishman remains a renowned name in the world of health and fitness, he keeps an eye on the technological side of things as well. He recently commented on the rise of Metaverse and said that this could lead humanity into a duller and lazier life. If you don’t know about the new idea, it is about being in the virtual world where you could live a virtual life. You will have virtual people, events, and places around you. You just sit at home with your headset on and live inside a world that could be anything according to your imagination. 

In other words, in a world where people already do a lot of stuff from their homes and bedrooms, they will now be pushed to live a virtual life, which means not moving from one place at all. Before that happens, it is best that you adopt a healthy routine as soon as possible. 

Pandemics Are on the Rise

The recent pandemic is not a secret. The world not only knows about the Coronavirus, but it is also familiar with the frustration of seeing a new strain or variant being discussed online just about every day. People wake up every day fearing that a new variant might be out. They keep longing for the normal lives that they used to live but with carelessness from the people and slowness of the governments in taking action, we have reached a point where new variants keep coming and another pandemic might be around the corner. Before that happens, it is highly recommended that you become fit internally and externally. 

Final Thoughts

They say it’s never too late to make a change. If you have been thinking about adopting a healthy lifestyle, becoming fitter and healthier, and adding workouts to your daily routine, now is the right time to start. Not to mention, the trainers and people who can help you with this resolution are not far away from you, says Ido Fishman.