Nowadays, it is easy to come across many women who have coloured, straightened or chemically treated their hair with some or other style. And that means, a very few women still love to rock their natural hair. And if you belong in the latter part, then this blog is just for your hair care.

Today we will discuss four ingredients that your hair conditioner must have so that you can retain the natural shine and lustre of your hair. We will also discuss how these ingredients reach with your hair.

1- Hydrolyzed wheat protein:

Hydrolyzed wheat protein has an impact on both treated and untreated hair. But, with natural untreated hair, the protein will penetrate the cuticle layers, offering deeper and uniformed conditioning.

2- Cetrimonium bromide (N (CH)):

Studies done on both natural and treated hair showed that Cetrimonium bromide penetrates between the cortex and the cuticle layers of the natural hair, whereas, it doesn’t with treated hair. And that means, deep penetration throughout the hair.

3- Hydrolyzed palm oil:

When the hydrolyzed palm oil is left in the natural hair for 30 minutes, it penetrates both outer cortex and cuticle layers.

4- 18-MEA: 

18-MEA is a fatty acid that is found in the hair. It requires only 1 minute and 30 seconds for deeper penetration in the cuticle layer.

Bottom line

The easiest way to choose the best conditioner for your natural hair is by looking at the ingredient list. And make sure that the one you pick has either one of the ingredients mentioned above.


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