There are many reasons why you may require an appendectomy. Getting the surgery is a big decision, but when you’re in pain and can’t go on, it’s easy to just call your doctor for help.  In this post, we’ll explore how much does an appendectomy cost? On average, it cost from $10,000 to 18,000 in America. However, the price will vary depending on factors such as:

1. Location:

Regardless of the insurance company, location plays a huge role in how much does an appendectomy cost? Surgeons in large cities are among the highest paid in the country because their services are in high demand. So, if you live near a metropolitan area, your surgery could be significantly more expensive than a patient in a more rural location. However, there are plenty of brilliant surgeons that practice within driving distance from any city.

2. Hospital Type:

Not all hospitals are the same, and not every hospital offers the same services. A large teaching hospital may charge more because they offer additional amenities such as a burn unit or a cardiac surgery wing which small-town hospitals do not have. Furthermore, the hospital’s location and amenities may play a part in dictating cost as well. Essentially if you are looking for cheaper appendectomy costs, it is best to find details about the hospital before calling them for information.

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3. Insurance Company:

Your insurance company plays a huge role in determining how much does an appendectomy cost? Insurance companies negotiate with hospitals and doctors to determine how much they will pay for a certain procedure. Most insurance companies use the same formula in determining what is considered a “fair market price.” So, if your appendectomy costs $10,000 at one hospital, you can expect it to be pretty close to another.

4. Surgeon’s Experience:

Unlike other surgeries, the surgeon’s experience with an appendectomy cost directly correlates to the length of time required for the surgery. The longer it takes to complete the appendectomy, the more complicated it is and thus ultimately increasing how much does an appendectomy cost?

5. Anesthesiologist’s Experience:

When you work with an experienced doctor, you are less likely to experience complications. The anesthesiologist will work alongside your surgeon to determine which anesthesia method is best suited for your needs. If you have a complicated case, the anesthesiologist should be more experienced so they can handle anything that may arise during surgery. Typically, if you are dealing with a board-certified anesthesiologist who has dealt with many appendectomies, then you are looking at a lower cost.

6. Type of Operation:

An open surgery that requires a larger incision is significantly more difficult than through small abdominal perforation with laparoscopic assistance. However, an open surgery takes much longer to complete and can be extremely dangerous if the surgeon does not have significant experience. So open surgery will typically be more expensive than a laparoscopic one, but it is best to let your surgeon for appendectomy in Nassau County decide which type of operation is right for you before calling any hospital to inquire about costs.

Make sure you have health insurance before getting this procedure done so that you don’t have any unexpected costs after going through all the trouble! Hope this article was informative.

Robert Desauza