Eyebags make you seem older and tired than you are. Have you used different kinds of costly eye creams available, but haven’t been able to succeed? Have you slept more, tried using cold spoons and tea bags, age-old eyebag reduction treatments of reducing the use of salt, yet haven’t noticed any visible results?

Eye bags turn into an increasingly significant issue impacting most men and women now! Some discover that regardless of how much sleep they do, improve their lifestyle, watch their diet, nothing ever works.

There are numerous skin care creams available now, guaranteeing to reduce dark eye circles and eye bags and improve wrinkles, but they could barely do so much as they have a limited reach.

After using different alternatives, you must be willing to have surgery. But what if you, same with most individuals, are scared of going under the knife?

Presenting AGNES RF– the painless and non-surgical answer for eyebag reduction!

What are the Causes of Eye Bags?

An eye bag is due to too much exposure to the skin’s gravitational pull that might be due to aging. Nevertheless, numerous other factors that result in eye bags are the following:

  • Genes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Reduced collagen in our skin

In the past, people had to have surgery to reduce excess fat and excess skin under their eyes. This method contains stitching and removal of the stitch, which presents the risk of having scars.

Today, a revolutionary method for removing eye bags introduces the reductions in undesired eye wrinkles and eye bags – without needing to go under the knife, all thanks to AGNES RF!

AGNES RF is a non-invasive micro-needling and radio-frequency device that utilizes RF energy and micro-insulated needles to reduce unwanted folds, fat, and loose/wrinkled skin in the neck and face. The micro-insulated needles specifically penetrate and target the region while sending RF energy to help tighten skin and reduce fat permanently. The micro-insulated needles are designed to be inserted at a specific depth to preserve other skin tissues and save downtime. AGNES RF is the most recent cosmetic advance in the aesthetic world!

Benefits of AGNES RF Eye Bag Removal

Agnes is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) device that tightens the skin of your eyelids. It improves and enhances the overall look of the eyes by reducing droopiness of your upper eyelids and filling in wrinkles and crow’s feet.

AGNES RF, additionally, is the most recent anti-aging technology that tightens the skin and breaks down undesirable fats to restore your skin to a more young and beautiful condition.

AGNES RF results in better and long-lasting outcomes and other advantages such as:

  • NO Downtime
  • NO Scars
  • NO Pain
  • NO Risks
  • NO Incisions
  • NO Redness
  • Most importantly, AGNES RF is effective and safe for utilization on the delicate area of your eye!

So, How Does the Treatment Work?

A numbing lotion is first administered around the eye region to guarantee optimal comfort across the whole treatment procedure, followed by the local anesthetic administration.

AGNES RF uses a proprietary micro-needle to transmit precision RF radiation into the target region, targeting and breaking down subcutaneous fat between the orbital septum and the skin. As a result of the stimulation to generate new collagen, the skin around the eyes tightens and firms up.

Our cosmetic doctor will use a hand-held device with a needle to transmit RF and heat energy into your skin at regulated depths, during the two-step therapy, which normally takes approximately 20 minutes.

The skin around the eyes is then soothed with soothing gel packs, which might feel uncomfortable and irritated shortly after treatment, but it will go away in a few moments.

Robert Desauza