Last year, up to 11% of adults with ages between 25 and 49 have used one or more CBD-containing products as an alternative treatment for a wide variety of health reasons. These products, which include CBD capsules, oils and balms, have grown quite popular, even among the younger age group of 18 to 24 years of age.

While most of these products were purchased from authorised sellers or from a reputable CBD oil shop, there are certain sellers that are not as legit as these shops. There are those who are peddling ordinary hemp oil and are selling them as genuine CBD oil. These two products are not the same and they actually have significant differences.

So, how will consumers know that the sellers or shops they are dealing with are legit and are selling genuine CBD oil? A good reference that you can use and learn how is an infographic from Love CBD. This reference material also discusses these differences in greater detail and would be a good source of education when looking for genuine oils that contain CBD.

Knowing these differences is important so you can get the most benefit from genuine CBD oil. The beneficial compounds in CBD can bring about entourage effect and help enhance the overall well-being of people. Hemp seed oils on the other hand do not contain CBD and will manifest a different effect. So, knowing which oils is right can help you get the right product for the effect you need.


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