It isn’t rocket science to understand that healthy cannabis seeds equal to quality cannabis flowers. However, when it comes to determining the seeds’ quality, one needs more than just the experience. But, one doesn’t need to be an intermediate cannabis cultivator to understand if the seeds brought from Cannabis seed bank, USA, are healthy or not. 

All you need to do is check for these signs:

1- Dark, spotted and shiny: A healthy seed has a brown, black, or tan exterior. It also features spots or stripes on its shell, along with a shiny, waxy coat. If you hold a healthy seed under the sun, you can see the shiny spots. 

2- Large and round: A typical healthy seed has a round or teardrop-shape. If you come across irregular shapes, then know that those seeds are the by-product of improper cultivating techniques. Likewise, immature seeds tend to be smaller in size. 

3- Durable and hard: Healthy seeds are also tough and durable. If your seeds don’t split or splinter when pressed between fingers, then it is a sign of a healthy seed. 

4- Germinate them: The last and most practical way to determine the seeds’ health is by sowing them. If you notice some greens in a few days or weeks, then you have got your answer. 

Over to you

Regardless of what people have to say, it is wise to note that theoretical knowledge is enough to get started as a cannabis cultivator. So, use the tips mentioned here to understand how healthy your cheap marijuana seeds are. For more details on marijuana seed, you can go online at