Often people tend to ignore some of the routine that is to be taken before massage. Below mentioned are some of the do’s and don’ts before massage that we absolutely recommend you know right now. 

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  • Do Make hygiene your primary and foremost priority,  as giving importance to hygiene is essential especially in matters involving your skin and skin contact. Make sure to take a proper shower before you head out for your massage session. The products used by professionals may become inefficient if they interact with the filth on the body. Also remember clean skin absorbs the product or medical components quickly.
  • Be aware of the sense and lotions the therapist may use on you. Let your therapist know in advance of the history of any allergic agents that you may have. Consult with your therapist in advance if you plan to use any scent, excessive scent may ruin the ambience that your therapist is creating.

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  • Do let your therapist know about your medical history including the details of previous injuries or conditions,  other medical comorbidities,  status of Mental Health.  as massage therapy directly impacts your circulatory nervous digestive and muscular systems. A therapist should be in possession of all these details To give you the best of the treatment the session could offer.
  • Do not eat prior to the appointment. Much of your body energy and mechanism are busy digesting and converting the absorbed food into nutrients. Shortly after eating a meal blood begins to travel to the small intestines to collect all the nutrients.  massages increase the blood to travel to  large parts of the body, Could cause a disruption in the digestive system. so, plan your meals accordingly so that you are not taking any food within an hour of your appointment.
  • Do try to show up at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance so that you could discuss your medical histories, the level of comfort that you have with regards to the clothing, and any other challenges or issues that you want to discuss with your therapist.
  • Be considerate towards your therapist and their time and let them know in advance if you’re not going to show up for the scheduled appointment. Honour the client cancellation policy of your therapist.
  • Treat your massage as a medical treatment not just as a service:  massage if provided regularly and timely,  can be a preventive measure to a lot of ailments. Ask your therapist to find out how they could help you better in taking care of your health.

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Frances J. Kuntz